Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Showers: Not Just for Presents and Baby Talk…

So I had a baby shower for a friend of mine a little over a week ago. I was excited to have it in my home and help out a friend, but what I found myself even more excited about was making the food. It was another way to treat all the guests to something special and make some new friends and connect with some old ones in the process. I have come to the realization that the more I have people over and cook, the happier I find myself, so it was a special treat for me as well

I found myself reading cookbooks and planning out what I was going to make only to change my mind, then change it back again. In the end I wound up making some new things I have never tried before and some classic recipes I often make. My good friend Darbie and her husband even made some super tasty deviled eggs from a tasty recipe they found as well (which sorry to say I do not have). All in all I think it was a fun and laid back event with some pretty good food.

Below is the menu of items I made. Throughout the next week or so as I get to typing them up I will post the recipes too.

The great thing about all of these recipes is that they can be used for any event. One of the recipes is a staple of mine - a creamy artichoke dip that I make for most of my get-together’s; it is always a hit. The new one for me was mini soufflé’s. I have never made a soufflé though I am a huge fan of them. These had a subtle flavor and are even good the next day for snacks (this recipe is by Sarah Moulton, one of my favorite chef’s).

The Menu:
Creamy Artichoke dip
Spicy wonton cups with black bean and orange salsa
Mini Jalapeño Soufflé’s
Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
Mango strawberry lemonade with strawberry ice cubes

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