Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hello All!
My name is Rachel Blair and as my blog title might imply, I am a semi-vegetarian. What is a semi-vegetarian? Someone who eats a mostly vegetarian diet. I have also recently heard the term flexi-tarian. Ok, that justs sounds plain wierd, or in my lingo LAME-O, I will go with semi-vegetarian thankyou very much.

Many people ask me how I became a semi-vegetarian? And, why am I not a full-time vegetarian? Well, for six years I was in fact a full-time vegetarian, until I realized that just because you are a vegetarian does'nt mean you eat healthier. So I decided I needed to eat a healthy diet and workout frequently. Needless to say I went a little crazy in the soy protien department and started getting really sick. I asked someone at my local gym why this might be and I was told that soy protien has estrogen in it, this was why I was getting sick and nauseous all the time. Well, this turned me off of soy and I have not been able to get back into it since.

Though there are many other options for protien other than soy, I did not know what many of them were at the time. Since I needed to have a substantial amount of protien in my diet, I started eating chicken breast and the occasional seafood. It is the only meat I can tolerate eating and has pretty much been a part of my diet ever since. Though I used to eat chicken almost everyday, now that I am more aware of the many veggie-protien products on the market, I have cut down to just eating chicken on occassion; mostly when I go out, or entertain.

I have two passions, one is cooking and the other is writing. So I decided with this blog I would share cooking tips, knowledge, recipes, and my adventures in the culinary world. I hope if any of these things interest you, you will stick around for the ride, because who knows, maybe you will enjoy it.

Rachel :)

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