Thursday, June 3, 2010

It’s All About The BBQ Baby!

OK, I will be the first one to admit that I am not very good at grilling things. However, if you want me to make the goods to go with it, I can do that. I can even prepare the burgers, chicken and everything else to put on the grill, but if you are not looking for a nice charcoal flavored steak, then don’t ask me to watch the grill. Though I have to admit admit my technique is slowly getting better.

From being a vegetarian for fifteen years now, I have learned to make a meal out of side dishes. Sides at barbeques are some of my favorite because there are generally allot of options from potato salad, to corn on the cob, to ambrosia (which I also have a recipe for). However, one of my favorite sides is baked or barbeque beans, but until the last year or two there were very few options on the market.

It is allot easier to open up a can and heat it up, but instead of doing that I thought I would try my own version. Check out my recipe for Barbeque Black Beans in the next post. It was surprisingly easy and they turned out great. I have made them with black beans and also with pinto beans, which is the more traditional route.

If you like black beans, I would try it with them first. This recipe is also such a basic one that it is really easy to make it your own. If you like your beans really sweet, add more sugar or honey. If you like them spicy add some chili powder and so on and so on. There is an endless world of possibilities of beans out there so jump in and have fun.

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