Friday, August 20, 2010

Tales and Pics From Our Mototrcycle Trip

So I promised I would share some pictures with all of you from our motorcycle trip we took in July 2010. We (my husband Brandon, his brother Stefan, our friends Rick, Renita and myself) went to Moab Utah to the Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon and Zion Park in Utah, the northern rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Yosemite Park in California. We were gone 9 days and marked over 3,000 miles on our bikes. It was a great trip and an amazing experience I will never forget. We even found a few good places to eat along the way.

Some of my favorites are:
-The Griddle in Winnemucca, Nv. They have an amazing breakfast menu with a variety of dishes from strawberry blintzes (which I had and were amazing) to Hueavos Rancheros with homemade Spanish sauce.
-Calvin T's Smoking Gun Barbecue in Kanab, UT. They have some great smoked Turkey Breast and a variety of other meats which the rest of our group loved all of which are smoked in house.
-The Rocking V Cafe in Kanab, UT. This place even had their own vegetarian and vegan menu dishes like Couscous cakes with basil cream sauce and vegan chocolate cake.
-The Priest Station Cafe, in Priest Station, Ca. This place was amazing!! They had an amazing turkey and cranberry sandwich with homemade potato chips, and an amazing raspberry torte that is a 100 year old family recipe. It was too die for with moist and airy yellow cake layered with raspberry sauce and a light crispy layer similar to meringue. Did I mention it was amazing ;)

Some Bike Pics

Brandon and I at Arches National Park, Moab Utah

The Delicate Arch at Arches National Park, Moab Utah

One of the many Arches at Arches National Park, Moab Utah

When we were in Moab one of my friends suggested we check out the Moab Brewery. We went there for dinner and we weren't disappointed. They had an extensive menu including many vegetarian and semi-vegetarian options like Veggie Chili, Jalapeno Cornbread, Chicken Burritos and Almond Crusted Chicken with Raspberry Sauce. They also had some great looking burgers and some great brews too.

The Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon

A Wall of the Grand Canyon

At Zion National Park, Utah

At Bryce Canyon, Utah

Yosemite Park, California

Brandon and Rick at Yosemite Park


connie1hahn said...

Rach! These are great photos.

Jen said...

Love the pics! You guys look so happy. What a fun trip. Did you end up with monkey butt after so many miles?

Rachel Blair said...

Thanks Connie and Jen! Ya, we had a great time and yes, Jen we totally did!!! We did not want to get back on our bikes for quite some time after that :D