Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Prelude To Bread Pudding

A little over a month ago, my husband and I had gone to Seattle for a car show we go to every year (the Good Guys in Puyallup, Wa.) and to visit some friends. There is this great bakery nearby in Kent, Wa. called Wild Wheat Bakery. They have an amazing variety of fresh baked breads, pastries and desserts. I always try a different one every time we go and they have all been awesome.

The last time we went my husband (Brandon) saw that they had Challah Bread traditional Jewish bread that’s slightly sweet, soft and a little dense. At some random restaurant in the past, we have come across French toast made out of Challah. It is a little denser than the normal variety and just a tad sweeter. Ever since then Brandon has been looking for Challah bread to make our own.

Needless to say we bought a loaf, sliced and froze it. Well, its been over a month since we froze it and still have yet to have a morning together to make it, so instead he asked me to make bread pudding. Honestly, I have never been a fan of bread pudding until a few years ago when I had a cooking class in which the teacher made a white chocolate bread pudding. Oh my goodness! It was delicious.

However, I have only made bread pudding and more specifically that one recipe once. To create my own recipe, I looked up a variety of recipes to get the general concept and found that pretty much every one used a different amount of bread, custard or both. However, the one main thing they all share is that the base is always a custard of milk, cream, or half n half, eggs and sugar. So I just decided to come up with my own formula and it turned out great. I will post it next.

P.S. if you are ever in the Seattle area, you should definitely go to Kent, which is about 30-40 minutes south and check out the Wild Wheat Bakery. They have a great breakfast menu and an amazing variety of fresh baked breads, desserts and pastries.
Wild Wheat Bakery and Restaurant
202 1st Ave S
(between Gowe St & Meeker St)
Kent, WA 98032
(253) 856-8919

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