Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Crazy Rant/Revelation About Life and a Stranger Named Hannah

Do you ever find yourself so lost and distraught with life that all you want to do is sit on the couch, veg out, watch tv and eat a bunch of chocolate chip cookies? I do. Well, ok not usually the cookies part, but they really sounded good.

We all go through ruts at some point in our lives, or at least I think we do. However, it is what we do to get out of those ruts that defines the person that we will finally become. Lately, I have been having a few of those moments... I know what I want to do , but I don’t really know how to go about it. So I just keeping chugging away in hopes that one day it will all make sense. And though I don't know if it will makes sense in the way I expect it to, I have to believe it will, and not just for me, but for everyone who goes through those slumps.

Today I signed onto my semi-veg face book page and there was a message. Some person named Hannah, whom I have never met, sent me a message. She told me that there was no such thing as a semi-vegetarian and that I am just a picky meat-eater. I thought of all of these clever things to say back in response, but then I realized it wasn’t even worth wasting my breath. If she actually took the time to read my blog bio, her remark would have been answered. However, we are all entitled our opinions and I respect that. It just seemed funny to me that she took the time to find me and write just to say she disagreed with my choice.

Its amusing how there are so many angry and, or unhappy people out there who feel convicted to force their unhappiness on you too. That just made my melencholy day much better, knowing that there are more people who are unhappier than me. And I came to a revelation, that I have to come back to every once in a while. Life truly is what you make it. Hey that’s funny, Hannah Montana sings that song. Maybe this bitter message Hannah is her doppelganger. Ok, now I am just being a smart ass. Or am I.....

Well I just have to say, “I am not going to let the world or anyone else bring me down”. Instead I am going to sit down, turn off the tv, write and continue to pursue my dreams. And while I’m doing that, I am going to savor some Lavender Earl Grey from Queen Mary’s Tea and a little bit of chocolate. Ok, and then maybe watch a movie. Darn that tv, it really sucks me in ;)

What are some of your dreams and aspirations? I’d love to hear them!!!

Mine: To be a successful novelist, food writer and cooking show host ;)

Take care and thanks for reading my crazy, life analyzing, blabbering rant. Now back to cooking!

Your foodie friend,
Rachel :)

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