Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays And Tasty Treats

One thing I love about the holidays are the get togethers and the sharing of food. Whether they be sweets or savory dishes, the traditions are deep and the variety of recipes are abundant. Though I love to bake and make sweet treats, when it comes to concocting my own recipes, cooking is definitly more my forte. So more times than not, when baking, you will see I mainly share my favorite recipes from other bakers and books that I have come across over the years. The great things about Holiday baking is the sharing that goes along with it and honestly it does'nt really matter who or where you got the recipe from as long as you put yout heart into it.
        Who does'nt love getting something homemade let alone something sweet that's home made!? They make great tasty Christmas Gift's for those you may want to give just a little something to like your neighbors or your mailman. So I encourage you, if you have'nt already, to dig out your favorite recipes old and new and share a few with others. The following recipe I have added is a new addition to my baking repetiore "Honey Applesauce Cake". I hope you enjoy it :)

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