Friday, January 15, 2010

The Beginning of My Tortilla Adventure

Ok, so my first attempt at tortilla's did not go quite as well as I so confidantly thought it would... I broke out my perfectly shiny and new tortilla press and thought I would immediatly be a pro. Needless to say, flour tortilla's or atleast the one's i made, do not work well with a press. The first half of my batch turned out more like tortilla cakes. Every time I would press and peel them off, they would shrink up to about half the size. So I decided to try hand rolling them and they turned out just about perfect, minus a little mis-shapen-ness. On the next batch, I tried making hominy tortilla's. They worked perfect on the press and turned out wonderfully flavorful and soft. I will share the recipes with you on my next post. Happy cooking my friends :)

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