Friday, June 18, 2010

Pizza Pizza!!!

So the other night my husband Brandon and I were totally craving pizza. I am extremely picky about where I will get pizza at and generally it ends up being pretty expensive because though my husband, bless-his-heart, has become rather fond of my favorite pizza - pineapple and cheese - his favorite kinds generally consist of every kind of meat the pizza kitchen has on hand. Needless to say, if we buy two separate pizzas, it is double the cost. So we decided to make our own.

Now making homemade pizza can be a time consuming process if you plan to make your own crust. Which there are allot of easy recipes out there (I recommend or Since we were already starving, we took an alternative route. Many grocery stores, especially ones that make their own take and bake pizzas, often sell pre-made pizza dough for a great price, generally $1-2 bucks. Some pizza parlors will also sell you their dough, though it might tend to cost a little more than at the store. Grab a large bag of cheese or a fresh ball or two of mozzarella, your favorite spaghetti sauce, and any toppings you desire and you will end up with a large pizza just the way you want it, for around ten bucks or less (depending on the toppings). Example: One large jar of sauce $1.50 and a 2 pound bag of cheese $6.99 will do 2-3 pizzas, plus $4 for two balls of dough = $12.49divide by 2 = $6.25 plus additional toppings.

Another great thing about homemade pizza is it is allot more filling. I can have 2-3 pieces and be stuffed. Or I can have 4-5 pieces of someone else’s and still be hungry. Plus you get exactly what you want and so does everyone else. If you have a family you can easily divide the dough into smaller pieces and have everyone make their own individual pizzas (this is especially fun for the kids). You can also monitor how much of what goes on your pizza which can be healthier too. For example on my husband’s pizza we used turkey pepperoni instead of regular. The turkey pepperoni has less than half the amount of fat.

We made two pizza's a Roasted Garlic, Tomato and Basil Pizza and a Turkey Pepperoni and Olive Pizza. They both turned out great and we had plenty of cold pizza for lunch the next day. Mmmm cold pizza....

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