Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going To Astoria...

Over the weekend, my husband and I went to Astoria, Oregon to celebrate out twelfth wedding anniversary. Needless to say the week or two prior I was scouring the net for some tasty destinations. We had a wonderful time and e ate at numerous restaraunts; most of them amazing. If you are in search of a tasty and relaxing destination I would definitely recommend the Astoria, Seaside and Long Beach areas on the Oregon Coast. Stay tuned for some reviews on a few of the places we went.

On our way to Astoria we passed an elk reserve - it was cool!

Brandon and I on Longbeach

From the top of the Astoria Column

Where we stayed:

The Dunes Hotel – Astoria, Or. the prices were reasonable, $65.00 a night with an awesome view of the Columbia River, the docks and one of the Astoria Bridges. The hotel was well kept and simple. Comparably the price and the place was great! There were several other hotels in the area for the same price or a little less, but they were run down and low budget looking.

Places we ate in Astoria:

The Blue Scorcher Bakery and Organic Café $ - tasty organic and vegetarian food, and fresh baked goods. Stay tuned for review.

The Bridgewater Bistro $$$ - absolutely delicious high end dining with fresh and inventive northwest flavors. Stay tuned for review.

The Silver Salmon Grill $$$ - great seafood house with french influenced flavors. Stay tuned for review.

Custard King $ - tasty treats and friendly people

Ft George Brewery $-$$ - your run of the mill brewery. Beer was good. Food was nothing special. Not worth writing a review.

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