Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baby Its Cold Outside!

With the winter weather in full swing, there are bound to be those days when you come in from the cold and need something to warm you from the inside out. A perfect item for that or just when you need a reason to by a loaf of that fresh baked French bread you always see in the grocery store, is soup. Many of you know that I loooove soup. My husband thinks I’m a little crazy, because he doesn’t think it is filling. Well, I beg to differ! Soup comes in many variations and you can put pretty much whatever your heart desires in them, making them a versatile dish that will suit even the pickiest or most restricted diets.

The other evening I was having a few friends over and I had gotten off of work a little late, but I wanted to make something easy yet delicious for those who hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Plus my husband, though he is not the biggest soup fan, does love a good tomato soup. That is how I came up with this recipe. The funny thing is I have never been a fan of tomatoes or tomato soup until the last few years. Before, I never would have even attempted to make a tomato anything, but I found especially in soups and sauces, adding cream adds another level of flavor and depth that in my opinion makes it something I actually want to eat. The down side is it is not the healthiest, so moderation is the key. However, if you do not want to use the cream, don’t. The flavor will be a bit different and of course more tomatoey, but still delicious. However, you could also add some dairy free sour cream to it if you like. Don’t forget that loaf of bread or a crispy grilled cheese sandwich to go along side. Then you have a scrumptious meal that’s satisfying and comforting. Even if you are not a fan of tomatoes like I used to be. I encourage you to at least try this soup. It might just change your mind ;) Happy eating!!

Recipe to follow.

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