Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tahini and Yogurt

About a month ago Brandon (my husband) and I went to Astoria for our wedding Anniversary. We had a blast and experienced some amazing food. One place we went to for breakfast The Blue Scorcher Bakery and Café, had an amazing and easy breakfast that instantly became one of my favorites. As soon as we came home I went right to the store to get my own ingredients to make it. The dish was called the Persian Yogurt Breakfast. It is a mix of plain yogurt and rose water, topped with tahini, honey or maple syrup and pomegranate seeds.

You still might find pomegranates for a little while, but if not, frozen ones are offered year round (at specialty stores). However, I didn’t feel like going through the hassle of searching around so and rosewater is available online and in some health food stores, but can be expensive. So I made my own version that is equally delicious and a little cheaper to make. The café’s version was served with honey cinnamon toast which was a perfect pairing with the tartness of the yogurt, but the yogurt dish is great on it’s own too. I usually eat it by itself.

This is a super easy and healthy dish and it is very versatile. You could even make it with almond or cashew butter and add your own favorite toppings.

Tahini and Yogurt

Prep/Cook Time: 5 minutes
Serves: 1 - about a cup


1 cup of plain yogurt

2-3 tablespoons tahini

Honey - desired amount

2 tbs chopped pecans

2 tbs dried cranberries or apricots (chopped) - optional

Splenda, sugar or sweetener – if desired

In a bowl, add yogurt and evenly coat with a layer of tahini, by drizzling it with a spoon. If the tahini is too hard to drizzle over the yogurt, you can mix it in instead. Top with the desired amount of honey and top with pecans and cranberries/apricots. If you like your yogurt a little sweeter, simply add a little sugar or sweetener to the yogurt before adding the toppings. Note: I prefer splenda or truvia because sugar does not dissolve very well in the yogurt.

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