Saturday, January 22, 2011

English Muffin with Creamed Honey and Mascarpone Cheese

Talking about tea always makes me crave something tasty to go along with it. One of my new favorites is an English muffin or toast with a little creamed honey and mascarpone cheese spread on top. The mascarpone is silky and light like a spreadable cream. When you combine it with the creamed honey on top of a hot English muffin, the flavors melt into each other making a layer of satiny sweetness. Paired along with your favorite tea, you have the perfect breakfast or snack. My recommendations would be earl grey or Darjeeling, though I am sure any you have would be fine.

Most stores carry creamed honey. Mascarpone cheese can be a little harder to find, but most stores who have a specialty cheese section will have it. Try Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Fred Meyer's/Kroger's or Roth's IGA.

Toast an English muffin. Spread desired amount of creamed honey on top, then spread desired amount of mascarpone cheese over that. The cheese and honey will start to melt as you spread it; this is ok. If you prefer your honey and cheese to be a little firmer, simply let the Muffin cool 1-2 minutes before adding the honey and cheese. Serve with your favorite tea or coffee. Enjoy!

Rachel :)

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