Monday, May 2, 2011

Egg Salad - It's The New Black!

Growing up, I really wasn't a fan of egg salad. In fact I pretty much hated it. It wasn't until a few years ago I decided to make some at home and realized I actually liked it. Egg salad is a handy way to get rid of left over hard boiled eggs, is a quick alternative to deviled eggs and a fix all for those eggs that won't come out of the shells very well and you don't don't what else to do with them.

This is actually how I came up with my crab egg salad recipe. I was originally planning to do some crab stuffed deviled eggs for a Barbecue last summer, but the egg whites kept breaking and getting stuck to the shells, so I did not have any pretty egg whites/shells to put the filling in. Needless to say I chopped the eggs threw them in a bowl with all the ingredients and made some crostini to go with. It was a big hit and was one of the first empty dishes at the table. I also just recently made it into sandwiches for my tea party.

Since then I have gone on to make several different kinds of egg salad and have come to find that it can be a very flavorful, satifying and versatile dish.

My new favorite version of egg salad is curry! In case you haven't noticed I have been on a curry kick lately which I could do a whole spiel on curry too, but I'll refrain from that for now....

Lastly, my favorite chef Sarah Moulton has an awesome egg salad recipe I totally love as well. So here are a few versions for you to play with and hopefully this will encourage you to eat more eggs ;)

Recipes will follow....

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