Saturday, September 3, 2011

There's Nothing Like A Few Good Drinks

It's Labor Day Weekend which means one last chance to throw that big summer bash or just a small get together with a few friends. Whatever you decide, it never hurts to have a few good drinks around. I've mixed up a few drink ideas that are perfect for pretty much any occasion. Since my tooth is mainly sweet, when it comes to drinks, I like them a little sugary.  However, these recipes are easily adaptable to suit most people's tastes. Simply use a dryer wine for the sangria's and add less juice for the cocktail.

A few weekends back, Brandon (my husband) and I went out with a few friends to a local tapas and wine bar Andaluz in downtown Salem, Or. I was excited to try some of their sangria and I'd heard great things about their tapas. The small dishes were great,with offerings like their tortilla (it's like a Spanish version of quiche) and some amazing ribs with a zingy homemade barbecue sauce (according to Brandon and my friend Connie). Their Sangria on the other hand was sadly the worst I have ever had. It tasted like watered down flat white wine with a few berries floating in it for affect, which really didn't help. I was disappointed and left with a wanting for something fruity and refreshing, like sangria is supposed to be. We decided to head out to the store and acquire ingredients to make our own sangria.

I've mixed up two different white wine sangria's. Once with a peachy pizazz and the other with the use of vanilla rum, has a delicious and unique flavor. With these recipes, though I have used white wine, you could easily substitute for red. Plus, you can add as little or as much sweetener as you like. I also used a semi-sweet wine, but if you prefer yours a little dyer, you can substitute with a dry wine.
Or if you want something a with a little more kick to it, you will love my TropiKill Punch (the name was Brandon's idea). Whichever you try I hope you enjoy. Drink recipes to follow...

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