Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So as many of you know and, or can probably tell, cooking is one of my passions in life. My other passion is writing. I received my bachelors degree in English and Literature last June and I have been torn since as to what should be my next step in life. I had contemplated going for my Masters Degree which I would love to get one day, but I am not really sure what I would do with it and am having a hard time justifying spending all that money (at this point in time)just for my own personal enjoyment.
I have said several times in the past that if I did not go to school for writing I would go for Culinary Arts. Recently, I have been entertaining that idea and the possibility of doing so. I have an appointment to talk with an advisor for Linn Benton Community College's culinary program tomorrow. The plus to this would be it would help improve my knowledge and experience as a culinary journalist and it is allot more affordable going to a community college. I am very excited, but am still trying to figure out if this will fit into my life or not.

I will keep everyone posted on what I decide and I would love to hear anyone else's thoughts on this.

Rachel :)

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