Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Is That a Moth In My Lettuce!?!?

So I just finished making dinner and thought, "hmm... a salad sure would be nice with this." I knew I had some Romaine lettuce hearts in the fridge, but since I had them for about a week already, I figured I should check and see if they were even worth thinking about eating. The outer leaves were a little wilted, but I decided to look at the inner leaves to see if I could find some crisp ones to use. About half way into one of the bunches, there was a decent sized moth sleeping away in-between the leaves.

So on a side note, let me tell you about me and bugs. I DON'T LIKE THEM! Yes, I am one of those girls who sees a bug come near her and she freaks out and runs.

Well... after I was done screaming, I dropped the moth from the lettuce leaf onto my recipe notebook. Holding the book at arms length, very quickly and carefully I rushed to the back door before the moth could even think about flying and send me into an arm batting screeching frenzy. I managed to dump it outside the back door without any hassle.

Needless to say, I threw the lettuce away and am still cringing from the heebie jeebies I now have. Hopefully, you are not eating a salad as you are reading this, but I just had to share. He He ;0)

Rachel :)

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Unknown said...

Just found a sleeping moth and my head of lettuce as well. Will be thoroughly checking every head of lettuce i cut from now on.